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DIY Color Run Shirt

 I ran in the Color My Run 5K back in early June and really wanted to do something with my shirt after the race. I wanted to preserve all the color that I got thrown on me throughout the race and turn it into a tie dyed shirt.

Y'all, Pinterest has never failed me before but it did this time. I couldn't find any good, solid instructions on how to get the color to stay in my shirt. So... I combined a lot of the incomplete, sketchy instructions that I found and hoped for the best.

Step 1:
Run in a Color Run

Step 2: 
Gather your materials: your colored color run shirt, a spray bottle, vinegar, gallon size plastic bag, & a sunny outside area

Step 3:
Hang your shirt up outside & spray both sides of the shirt with thoroughly with vinegar. 

Step 4:
Place your vinegar-y shirt in a gallon sized ziploc bag and let it "boil" in the sun for a few hours.
Step 5:
Take shirt out of bag and hang it back up outside to dry. It's going to reek of vinegar so make sure you're hanging it up outside and not somewhere inside your house.

Step 6:
Once your shirt is dry, bring it in to iron. Iron both sides of the shirt really well. I ironed each side 3 times just to make sure.
Step 8:
Drop it in the washing machine on cold with towels, cross your fingers, & hope that you end up with a cool shirt!

Step 9:
Admire you're awesome dyed shirt!
Or... admire your completely white t-shirt :)

Soo... yeah, about that... 

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