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College Football: Week 5

This is such unfamiliar territory for Clemson.


#3 in the country?

Ok, who am I kidding? We've been here {without as high of a ranking} before. Who remembers 2011? Yeah, about that...

I will absolutely take it though! I love how the first third of the season has gone by. I'm totally ok if this is how Clemson wants to play out the rest of the season. I'm also totally ok if UGA keeps racking up wins over top 10 teams and continues to make our win over them look really, really good. Call me a bandwagon fan if you want, but I'm going to have to be a Georgia fan for the remainder of the season.

This week was Clemson's Homecoming {more on that later this week} and my mom and I decided that we wanted to make a Girls' Weekend out of it {read: the guys decided watching Clemson beat up on little ol' Wake wasn't worth the trip}.

{How gorgeous are those flowers?}

As per usual, we got in trouble downtown Clemson... and we bought this little table after seeing our tailgate neighbors whip one out of the car. It is perfect for tailgating! It's light, easy to haul around, easy to set up, and is a lot sturdier than it looks. The table top part is not flimsy at all.

{hint: you can find the table for less $ at Mr. Knickerbocker's in downtown Clemson}

Ok, sorry, got side tracked. My mom and I were happy about our cute little table.

One thing I've done a lot of this season that I haven't in seasons past is listen to football games on the radio. I can catch pretty much whatever game I want to on SiriusXM radio. We listened to the 2nd half of the Georgia/LSU game on the way home from Clemson {GO DAWGS!} and on the way back to Charlotte today I caught the end of the Seattle/Houston game. 

Pet Peeve: as soon as I get close to uptown Charlotte, my satellite reception gets pretty sketchy. Um, not good when Seattle is down 20-3 and getting close to scoring a touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

REALLY not good when you hear "pick six!" and you have no idea what team just scored 6 points and you're driving around Charlotte trying to find a good reception location that isn't too far from your farmers market pit-stop destination.

Really, really, REALLY not good when you hear that the game is in overtime and Seattle is in scoring position.

Thank goodness for a dad that watches the same football games as me & can give a good description of what's going on in the game :)

So, all in all, a good football weekend! USC got a little bit of a scare {good thing they play Kentucky next week!}, Clemson improved to 4-0, and Seattle is 4-0.

Clemson travels to Syracuse next week for Syracuse's first ever ACC game... who's nervous about that one?! I'll be at the USC/Kentucky game that day so here's to more radio listening for this girl!

P.S. - found these at Target on Saturday on our way home from Clemson & it took some serious self restraint not to get them. C'mon. Halloween is perfect to find all the not-supposed-to-be-Clemson Clemson things.

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