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College Football: Week 4

I sometimes forget that there is another side to watching a football game than being in the stadium for a game. I forget that you can have a lot of fun watching it at home with your friends and some really, really, really good food. I suppose it also helps when your team wins, too, especially when you have a fan of the opposing team watching with you...
 {Pigs in a Blanket}
 {Hannah's Rotel Cups}
 {Jessie's Black Bean & Corn Salsa}
 {Michele's Ham & Cheese Roll Ups}
{Corbett's Potato Skins} 
 {Sugar Cookies}
 {Stephen's Sausage & Cheese Dip}
 {So much delicious food puts some people into a food coma}

{Well, that's one way to carry home your crock pot!}

At least Clemson played a meaningful game this week {1-0 in the ACC, woo!} because there were barely any other games worth watching this weekend. Thank goodness that most teams are done playing all of their blowout games and most games from here on out will actually be good & important ones.

It's also finally time to go back to Death Valley! Clemson plays Wake Forest at home this weekend for Homecoming and it's the first game I'll be going to since the Clemson/Georgia game. I can't wait to see the floats and to see Clemson rack up win number four for the season.

Now to figure out what to take to tailgate with this week... Pigs in a Blanket aren't the best thing to make when you have you make them two nights in advance!

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