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Biking to Freshfields

I made my way down to Kiawah this weekend because I figured it might be one of the last weekends in a while that I would get to go down there.

I am so glad that I made it down to Kiawah!

It's been on my unofficial Kiawah bucket list to bike out to Freshfields Village. It seems like such a long bike ride when you're driving it but it was less than a 4 mile bike ride from our house. Easy! If you ever take a trip down to Kiawah, you should hop on your bike, hit Kiawah Island Parkway, and bike until you get to the traffic circle.

 {frog statues}
{The Station}
{The Green at Freshfields}

Newtown Farms is the local grocery store and they have a great salad bar. We stopped in there to make salads for lunch. Sooo good!
Freshfields was having their endless summer sale and fortunately, we were kind of limited by the bike baskets on how much we could buy. These bike baskets don't look that small until you go shopping.

 I've had my eye on a pair of shoes out there since the end of June but they were just a little too expensive to justify. We walked into Coastal Footwear and found out that every pair of Keens was 40% off {cue crawling around on the floor digging through boxes to find a pair that fit}. 

Keens are great for Kiawah.

You can wear them biking.

You can wear them walking on the beach.
You can wear them walking in the water.

& then you can hop right back on your bike and keep going. They're a much better option than the tennis shoes I've been wearing all summer. I might be a little bit in love with them. Check out my mom's cute pair too!

If you hang out at the beach a lot or like to go walk through creeks or whatever, these are the shoes to have.

Come back later this week to see what event I stalked for about 6 hours Sunday & to see if good ol' CJ made his debut or not.

Until then...

P.S. - there miiiight be a few posts about Kiawah this week. Fair warning!

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