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Photo Lovin' Friday

Happy {SOLID ORANGE} Friday! Four day weeks are fantastic :)

I know that there are going to be weeks when I'm going to struggle to come up with a picture, but right now I'm struggling to only post one or two pictures. There's lots of photo lovin' going on this week!

You should probably go ahead and resign yourself to the fact that there's going to be a few Clemson pictures this fall {sorry I'm not sorry}.

Did anybody else notice last Saturday that there seemed to be more band members than usual? I'm going to assume that's why we got a new formation out on the field. They finally had enough people to make a legit tiger paw! It even has the hook. The paw was awesome, just sayin'.

 I personally think that if you are a college football fan, one of the things that should be on your bucket list is to see the 25 most exciting seconds in college football in person. If you don't have a trip planned to Clemson any time soon you can get a pretty good idea of what it is like by checking out this video.

{those two pictures are two reasons I wish that my seats were on the other side of the stadium sometimes!}

I saved one picture from the post about Kayla & Jayson's wedding. I wish there was a little better lighting {read: a flash for my camera is on my Christmas list}, but I still really like this one... Kayla & Jayson got up on stage towards the end of the night and did some bride & groom style karaoke.

Have a great weekend & GO TIGERS!

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