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Photo Lovin' Friday from Australia

Sooo excited to share these pictures with y'all today!

I met Anna Lauren four years ago when we both were initiated into the colony chapter of Sigma Kappa at Clemson. She's got her camera on her more often than I have mine on me and she takes some gorgeous pictures. Seriously. Check out some of her portrait work here.

Anna Lauren is currently in Australia and after seeing some of her photography popping up on Facebook, I knew I had to share some of her work with y'all!

So... here's Anna Lauren & her fantastic photography:

This picture is up in the hills of South Australia in a really old small town called Cromer. Kangaroos are so popular over here... they're like our deer. They mainly come out around 5:30 or 6 pm to eat dinner and then hop back into the forests

This is a beach called Southend Beach in South Australia. It doesn't have the huge dunes, but its just open beaches with very few houses, if any at times, with beautiful sand and crystal blue water.

This is another beach town called Second valley in South Australia. The beaches here were made of rocks, not sand and there were huge mountains that met the beaches... I'd never seen anything like it in person before.

This is a beach near Millicent, South Australia. It's called Carpenter Rocks {google it - so cool}. There are massive sand dunes and you can drive all over them in your car... park right on the beach and go fishing or camping.

Happy Friday!

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