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College Football: Week 2

Happy Monday!

After kicking off football season with a bang by attending two football games on opening weekend, I took it way, way, way easy this weekend. I'm talking channel flipping between Miami/Florida & Clemson/SC State and one of those good Saturday afternoon naps before going out to watch a late afternoon game. 

I know you've seen all the football highlights by now, so you know that...

- ESPN College Gameday & UGA students took a lot of digs at Clowney while they discussed how to stop him & could have looked pretty ridiculous had Clowney had a big game. Luckily for all of them, he didn't.

- Clemson put on an exhibition game against SC State & at one point in time, the defense had scored more points {14} than the offense had {10}. Bright side: looks like Clemson might have a decent backup quarterback.

- I might be the only Clemson fan to think our #3 ranking is ridiculous. But whatever, I'll take it.

- Unranked Miami beat #12 Florida & made the ACC look good {although all of these "The U is back" twitter updates might be premature}

- Teddy Bridgewater is good. I want to see him play a team that has a defense though.

- Georgia beat USC. The way I see it, it's a win-win for Clemson & I'm a fan of this for two reasons:
1. Georgia is going to go back up in the rankings & it makes our win over them continue to look good.
2. USC lost early in the season & will be back up in the rankings in no time & maybe when we meet in November both teams will be in the top 10... wouldn't that be something to see?

{Side Note: all of this trash talking by fans of both teams on Facebook & Twitter is getting a little ridiculous. C'mon, y'all. It's September. It's week 2. Save it for November}

Did you go out anywhere fun to watch the games?

If you live north of Charlotte towards Concord, you should absolutely go to Carolina Ale House by Concord Mills to watch a football game. If the weather is right, sit outside on their patio and enjoy the fall weather and the massive amounts of TVs. The food is fantastic and it's a good atmosphere for college football. It's only been open about 2 months so you may not have come across it yet but you should go check it out! I watched the USC/UGA game here with a few friends and we all agreed we'd be back to watch another one soon.

& I know that the Panthers have absolutely nothing to do with college football BUT I said I was going to give you a good recommendation on what bar to go watch a Panthers game in Charlotte. Um, ok, this weekend was a trial run. You shouldn't attempt to find a bar 15 minutes before kickoff cause you just might not find one with a free table... or you might accidentally end up in a Buffalo Bills bar. 

I didn't wear my Seattle shirt either cause I was trying to pull on the home team :(

But I wore it to work on Friday & isn't it cute? :)

P.S. - SEAHAWKS! 1-0!

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