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College Football: Week 3

Let's be real: I have no business writing a football post this week.

I missed watching College Game Day because I was driving to Kiawah.
I missed all the early games because I was playing on Kiawah.
I missed most of the Alabama/A&M game because I was at a party where it was more appropriate to be socializing than to be the anti-social one watching football {but I did catch the targeting penalty on the Bama player - ridiculous}
I missed most of Sunday's games because I was biking, driving, out to dinner, or driving again.

I did catch a ton of highlights on my drive back to Charlotte last night {thank you ESPN Radio, ESPN Xtra, NFL Radio, & College Sports Nation} and then hearing about all the awesome days that the Clemson boys were having in the NFL, I caught a few things online last night.

Way to go CJ, Andre, and Nuuuuuuk!

& a personal thank you to Nuk who is totally validating the fact that I drafted him 2nd in not one but two fantasy football drafts. I miss seeing him play on Saturdays in purple in orange though!

I am bummed that I got back to Charlotte and fell asleep right as the rain delay for the Seattle game was ending. Oh well... issues with being a fan of a west coast team! If only they would draft someone from Clemson...

Speaking of Clemson... can't wait to see them back in action on Thursday night at NC State.

If you're a Clemson fan and this game doesn't make you nervous then you must be a really, really, really recent fan. Or you don't pay that much attention to what the Wolfpack tends to do to ranked teams that waltz into Raleigh expecting an easy win. Or you have no idea that Clemson is 2-9 on Thursday night ESPN games.

Regardless, Clemson is still ranked #3! 

GO TIGERS! Beat State!

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