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Photo Lovin' Friday: Happy Birthday!

Fridays are pretty sweet when you know that you get to see some Clemson football the next day. They're even better when you've watch Clemson play their way to a victory the night before.


Sorry, NC State. Just wasn't your night.

But back to Photo Lovin' Friday.

It's a special Photo Lovin' Friday.

My brother is 28 today! Happy Birthday!!!

Meet Benjamin, my brother. He lives in Seattle and works for Amazon and I'm not entirely sure what he actually does for Amazon {my explanation changes every time I try to explain it} ... but he gets to live in Seattle, so that's pretty cool. I'd have to say this is probably my favorite picture that I've ever taken of my brother. This picture was from 2011 on our first family trip out to Seattle when we went out on a cruise on Elliot Bay on the last day of our trip to take in the city from a different point of view. Please note the pretty blue skies & lack of rain.

Also from the same trip {and both of these were taken on the same day on the same trip}...

We didn't take too many family trips once my brother and I started hitting high school and college. I think this was our first true vacation as a family in a long time so it was really, really nice. 

I can't decide which of the above pictures is my favorite of my parents with my brother. I love both pictures a lot and I love that they are in front of iconic places in Seattle. But like I said, I can't decide which is my favorite. Can someone help??

Alright, that's enough about Benjamin {but happy birthday!}, let's get back to Kiawah.

As promised yesterday, here is one shot I captured {somehow} of CJ.

It takes such little effort for gators to swim. All of the ripples in the water are caused by the breeze that came through right before I took the picture. Everyone that I showed the picture to after I took it kept asking "Wow, what did you do?"

I waited. And waited. And waited until CJ hit the right part of the water where you couldn't see anything but the reflection of the trees. It was luck that a breeze came through and rippled the water when it did.

Now for my favorite picture from the Kiawah Triathlon...

Have I mentioned that I adore sunrises on the beach? Even more so after capturing this moment.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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